Hi, I am a PhD Candidate at the NLP and Society Lab at Utrecht University with Dong Nguyen. I study social phenomena via natural language processing (NLP) methods. I focus on the analysis of (online) conversations. Previously, I completed my master’s and bachelor’s degree at RWTH Aachen University in computer science and mathematics respectively.

drawn Anna research

I am studying conversations. For now, mostly online conversations as this is where the data lies. Questions I am interested in include: Do people talk in a, to them, specific style? If so, can we use this to verify whether two utterances have been written by the same person (e.g., Style Change Detection)? How does speaking style change, e.g., over the course of a conversation (see linguistic accommodation) or given different situations? How does style correlate with “conversation quality”? What even is a good conversation? etc.

Conversation topics I am especially interested in are those where the participating parties have conflicting interests. This can be topics like climate change, pensions or the corona virus.

Interested in doing a Bachelor’s or Master’s Thesis with me? Great. Please contact me via my uu mail. : )
Current topics I would find interesting to develop further with you are:

drawn Anna presents I presented our paper “Detecting Different Forms of Semantic Shift in Word Embeddings via Paradigmatic and Syntagmatic Association Changes” at the International Semantic Web Conference 2020. The research for this paper was done during my master’s thesis with Markus Strohmaier and Florian Lemmerich at the CSSH group at RWTH Aachen University. See the video here.

My PhD project is funded by EMMA and NWO. This is a collaboration with Dong Nguyen (UU), Kees van Deemter (UU), Tijs van den Broek and Bianca Beersma at the Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam.